Grade 6



You ask me,
What is home?
I don’t say home is where you seek shelter
From rain or snow.
I don’t say home is where you live
All alone.
I don’t say home is where you eat and sleep.
I say home,
Is my family.
As long as I am
In their arms, I am safe and secure,
Always loved and always warm.

You may ask,
How can family be your home?
They aren’t walls that protect you
From thunder or lightning,
Let alone a fireplace
That keeps you snug as a bug, as if you were in the
Middle of being hugged.

I say,
Family is home,
When I’m with them
I start to feel warm and cozy
As if I’m lying on the clouds
In the sky
While I watch fireflies
Fly by.
What other reason
Do I need,
But that I’m loved
So dearly
By my family.
I know that, that is the truth
Because they were there
When I was born,
There when I was given a name,
They are the roots
From which I came.
If they didn’t love me
Why would they tell me?
They do, everyday.