Grade 5



To me home is a special place, a place to relax, have fun and feel amazing. Home isn’t just a building or a structure it’s a place where I feel loved, happy, sad, angry and all the other emotions. It’s where I can spend time with my family and friends and have my own space to work.

My home is special because it makes me feel happy when I walk through the door. It’s where I can play my piano and watch the sun rise in the morning. It’s where I can make new memories and never forget the old ones.

I feel safe at home, because it shelters me from the snow and rain. It’s warm and cozy in the winter and nice and cool in the summer it’s where I feel comfortable because I’m surrounded by my family. I feel safe because there are no strangers or anything bad.

What I like about home, it makes me feel happy and good about myself after a long hard day at school. I like my home because it’s where I can play with my friends and family.