Grade 4

Mid Sackville
Nova Scotia


Home is a place where I feel safe and happy, where I can not be scared and be with my family! When I am home i think “there are people in the world that don’t have a home and it makes me cry. But also it makes me think that I am blessed with what I have and could not have better. But then when I look at my at my dog and think “thank you god for blessing me with a dog that me and my family have enough money to pay to keep him! I definitely think that I am blessed with the power of god himself to keep me and my family’s home alive and safe from robbers. When I lay in bed at night I am scared but then I remember that I will always have a roof and god watching over me like a eagle, when you grow up and have kids and then they have kids then you will have grand kids and
remember that you were alive long enough to see them. If I win I would donate the money to Kenya! Home is a place where you can be safe and have a good night rest on a bed and I think that if you can have a bed then you are VERY lucky. A house is good because it helps you get out of provedore. A home is a place to go after a hard day, you can be healthy and warm. When you have a house to go to after school. A home is also a place where you can take a break from the cold in the winter and take a break from the hot in the summer, I hope that you like it because I worked hard on it.