Grade 4



It’s mine and my parents. It’s not my friends to keep. But my home belongs to my family. It’s the place nobody else can call it their because its mine. A home is where I eat and play. It’s a place where I always have the right to stay. Home is my special place where I have lots and lots of space. Sometimes, when I sort of feel alone. But now I’m not on my own because Wills always got my back. Now I know that I can be more free just like my friend Finley. Wow that’s very free. I can’t really see it all, the puzzle pieces in my mind, make sense except for one. How come people have to move? Why or why I ask? A home is where your precise memories are stored. Why do you want to leave them behind, why? Oh, now I see it’s not because you want to leave. Ben told me when I was just about ten, that people move because they want to cherish new memories. They do it because when kids will grow up, just like me, they will start a new family. Someday, I will be a father of my own and I will have a different home. This poem is for someone who everybody roams, just to seek a little small home. That is why I wrote this poem for someone who doesn’t have a home.