Grade 5



Home is where the heart is,
And where it can grow,
It’s has a roof, walls, and doors,
Memories are made where we are now
Home is a place where you can let your
feelings take hold
You can let everything out every drop
of anger or sad
Home is a place you can trust and has
people in it you can trust
Times might get hard, there might be
But you can know and trust that
everything will be better
When you rest your head in bed
When you close your eyes
All dreams come true
And you know in the morning
Everything is back to the way it
As if nothing happened
As if everything wasn’t true
Home is where the heart is
And where it can grow
Where it can die
And where our ancestors lay
Generations pass on
As we watch from up high
Home is where the heart is
Home is where we live and
Our house is on a street
The street is in a province
The province is apart of
And Canada is apart of
the world
Which means we are all
apart of the world
And our home is where
we belong
Home is where the heart