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Some don’t have them, so they wander and roam, this thing I’m talking about is home. Big or small, they all stand tall and keep you safe from all. It’s somewhere where I think is safe, there is support no matter the case.

A house is a happy place. When times are rough it cheers you up and helps you through bad times. It can get quiet or loud no matter the sound it is comforting whenever you need. Remember home is where the heart is.

Having a roof over my head, Gives me hope when I am in my bed. There are walls, floors and some type door. That helps you get in. Home is where you can be free, home is where I like to be me.

Love. It is a great feeling, but stronger when your home. To me a home is where I am loved the most, Where I am recognized, My talents, my hopes. A place where old friends reunite. And new friends are made. Where family really matters and friends are the same.

Not just a building, so much more, you can feel the love when you walk through the door. This is what home means to me, And I hope everyone can see. That a home can be part of your family, It’s something that I need. A place that far back Ojibwe and Cree, Yes, they once lived here, and now…me.