Grade 5



My bedroom is the calmest place in the whole world.
I sit in silence on my ipad or phone trying to forget what’s happening with my parents. I try to talk to my MoM but she’s so upset about what’s happened. She yells at me, but I know that she does not mean it. My mom is the best Mom ever. She’s always and I mean always there when you need help or just want to lay down and talk but I love her and she’s the best mom I could ever have. Let’s talk about me. I l♡ve my friends they’re almost like family for example Abby (Abby is my bff) she is so happy, and beautiful. Her heart is always open to new people and new things she is also such a go get’er and she is obvious my bestie. You know how my room is my favorite place in the whole world, well me and Abby go to my house and we just colour and talk and it’s nice. I’ll be in my room and my sisters Rainy or Courtney and they will ask to coddle and of course I say yes to them because they’re my sisters and I love them. Ahhhhh, My family they’re the best and they always find a way to have fun like going quadding or just chillax and my sisters are always playing with something or someone, like my uncle Gorden he’s the best I’m not joking he’s the best. He’s always bringing food when he comes over and I LOVE IT! My uncle is marred to my aunty Bee. She is pregnant with my soon to be cousin. I can’t wait to see him, he’s going to be so cute and his name is going to be Landon, it’s a boy too!
Bye have a great day!