Grade 6

Moncton New Brunswick
New Brunswick


Home means so much to me. Home is a place we’re you love laugh and have people surrounding you with love and support. Home is a happy place we’re you feel comfortable and free to always be yourself no matter what. You always are so joyed to go home and be loved by friends and family.

When your sick you always want to be home snuggled up with your favourite blanket by a rumbling fire. To make a home you need a community with love and support and caring friends.a home makes you feel safe and never lonely

A home can be any where’s that makes you feel safe and loved and supported. A home is unique in it’s own way. A home is welcoming when you walk in it. A home is more then just a place to stay it makes you warm and cozy on the inside and love and freedom.

A home makes you have freedom and hope. Hope that you will always have a home and feel the comfort of love. Every one deserves a home with care. No matter what. I hope that this text can help give a family In need a caring new home.