Grade 5



A home is a welcoming and comfortable place. It’s a place of love and warmth. It’s a place to come and be accepted. It’s a place of shelter and happiness. Its your family! It’s where there’s honesty, laughter, fun, safety, and all your special belongings. A home is an understanding and peaceful place. It’s your joy! Just remember there’s always a place for you!
Family is a beautiful thing! It’s a soft spot in your heart. They support you in things and encourage you go do new things. Your family will always love you no matter what. They will always be with you even if they’re gone. Love is a strong thing and a strong word, it becomes the most important thing in a family!
But some people have never had a family and a home. Some people have never felt what love feels like. People have lived on the streets their whole lives. Some people have never had a real family a family to love them and comfort them, a the worst times. To be there with them and understand. There will always be a spot for you some where in this world. One day you will find that spot, and you will work hard for that spot. You will find any job to work, and you will hard at it. Then some day you can by your self or anyone with you new clothing and food. You can get a hotel to stay in for a little then finally you can buy an apartment. After all that work you can relax and start a family, a family of your own! You will find a proper job and love your family!