Grade 6



What family means to me
It’s something that makes me happy inside and out. For me it helps me if something bad happens to me, I can talk to my family about it. Sometimes it can really hurt, and you can’t fix it most of the time.
Some people don’t have a home where they can eat or sleep or see their family.
For me there is a light with me and it helps me with things like if someone is rude to me that light makes me happy, any time of the day. I know who that light is and I know she will be with me till the day I die because I know that the light will never give up on me. That light will love me forever! When I see that light I know it will do anything to make me happy for a day or two or longer. It will never leave me and I will never forget about it and that fixes me.
When I was little, I was dreaming that I could fly and no one can take me down. No one could hurt me or be rude to me. I cried a lot and I did not know what to do and I was bad at a lot of school things including math, but I do love to do it at home with my mom or my dad.
Sometimes I want my whole family to be happy just like me. My family is my everything to me. If I lose someone, I know they are in my heart and are with me everywhere I go. I love them so much.
If I have a puzzle there is one thing missing, I try so hard to find that missing piece to that puzzle. When I find that missing piece I never let it go again. If you love someone and they leave you or go to heaven, they will be with you and have life for a long time, but only if you believe in them. When I come home from school I see my dog and my lovely mother and dad. I love them so much, they are one of a kind for me. I am happy most of the time, but not a lot. Everyone has a little sad in them, but some people have a lot of happy in them but not everybody. Not everyone is the same. Sometimes I love to go to my family.
Sometimes people want to be someone else, but I will never want that because family is what makes me me. I love that there is some up and downs in life, but the thing to me together is my family. They are one of a kind. I will never leave them for something bad or good. I will be with them forever and ever.
By Morgan