Grade 5



To me, home is supposed to be a special place where all dreams come true. Where you feel safe and comfortable, where we all matter and deserve the best. A place where the Earth calls me, and is right outside the door. Where I am loved, cared for, and feel safe. My dreams, my talents, my pets and even my favourite sports are valued. Where I have feelings of joy, happiness and hope. A place where I stay warm and cozy and protects me from the storm. I feel lucky, gifted, and special.

From bungalow to mansion, from world to molecule. No matter how big or small, a home is supposed to be a place fueled with joy. No matter where you live, from rich to poor, home is a place with joy. Sometimes I think of what it would be like if I had no home. A place full with emotions like mad, happy, anger, calm, love, hate, surprised and depressed. A place where I get tucked in for sleep. A place where I spend a lot of my life. But even when I move out, home will still be with me.

Home is a place supposed to be filled with strengths and weaknesses. And when we struggle, we toughen up and get through it because of home. With tons of hope that a child like you will grow up with a special home that just fits you.