Grade 5



I remember the good times, and the bad times.
I remember the happy times, and the sad times.
I remember the joyful times, and the mad times.
All in the house I live in.

But what makes a home?
A family makes a home.
The family living in the home that has anger, joy, sorrow, and fun Inside it.
What makes a home’s heart?
The family’s heart.
Every single person living in the home makes the heart of a home.

A home provides a roof over our heads, a shield from the rain, like an umbrella.
A home provides protection, like a shield.
A home provides comfort, like a fluffy pillow.
A home provides family fun, that brings you happiness, and joy.
A home welcomes you when you come back from school, feeling the joy and comfort that the warm hug from your home gives you.

We should all be grateful, as some have nothing.
Not one single thing, not even anything.
They have no protection, not a shield over their heads.
They have no comfort, no pillow, no blanket.

But you can help by writing a page.
A page of what home means to you.
To help every single person to have a home,
To solve a solution for everyone!