Grade 5



I arrive at my home for the very first time

I see the skeleton, the skin,
I see the hair, the brain,
I see the electricity, the legs and the lungs.

But there is one things still missing, the heart.

My home will never come to life unless my family moves in,
My family is the heart, full of joy, love, and happiness,
My family makes this home a home and my home will never die.

No matter the size of a home,
Whether it’s a estate, a farm or a shack,
A home is never alive until a family moves in.

My home is where I play, it’s where I cry,
My home is where I sleep and dream,
My home is where I have fun, fun with my family.

My home is my protection,
My home is my armour, it’s my shield,
My home is my jacket, it’s my umbrella.

My home is truly where the heart lives.