Grade 6

New Brunswick



Home means a lot to me. It’s where you are surrounded with people you love like family and friends. Home is where you can laugh and have fun and not worry about being embarrassed. Home is where you want to be when you are sick or not feeling good because you know that your parents will be there to take care of you and wrap you up in a warm blanket. It’s where you know you can go when you are sad or having a bad day. That your family and friends will be there to make you feel better. Home is where you know you’ll be safe if something bad happens because you are with your family and you know they’ll keep you safe.

A home is very different from a house. A house is a place that you can buy or rent. It has no meaning. A home is very different from that. It’s where you are loved and you have freedom. A home to me is spending time with your family and laughing and having fun. A home is when you come home from a long day of school and you smell a delicious supper that your mom or dad made and you can’t wait to see your parents and tell them about your day.

A home is something special. I hope that everyone has a home because it’s something very important that everyone should have. A home isn’t just a room or a place. It’s people that you feel safe around and you love and have fun with. I hope that you learned what a home means to me because it’s something really special. I hope that you have a home because it’s something very important that everyone deserves!