Grade 5



Home is a place, inside you and out
Homes are like blankets, to cover your shout

Homes are like a fire to keep you warm at night
When I’m in my home, I feel just right

Homes are like a pond, they supply all your water
It’s nice to thirsty children, like your son, or your daughter

Homes are like a shield, they protect you always
They protect all you rooms, your kitchen, your hallways

Homes are like buckets, they can be filled with stuff
All of your things, your life, your love

To you it’s a house, to me it’s everything
Nothing will stop that, no person, no nothing

My home lives forever, even if its gone
It stays in my heart, like a inseparable bond

Home is a place for your dreams to come true
Your house holds your family together like glue

Whenever Im feeling sad, bad, or mad
I go to my house, it always makes me feel glad

Home is a place to celebrate good times
And never ever should it be caught as a crime

My home will help me find my dream, it is my source of hope
It will straighten out my path, if it’s on a slippery slope

But the people inside, is what matters most
Even if you live in the city, on a farm, or by the coast

Your homes a place to host great big parties,to bring together families and friends
The more time you spend in your home, the more it seems to extends

Im most thankful for my home because
Of all of the thing I just said

I really hope now, your as happy as me
To live in a home like birds in a tree

Homes should be places to feel not bad
They should make you feel happy just like me