Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home doesn’t have to be big or tiny, small or tall. Home is a place we’re you can go back to. Home is where somebody is thinking of you. Home is whatever you want it to be. And much more. It is a place where people gather for good times and bad. Home is for everyone.

Home is where you feel like you belong. You might think that a house is the same as a home but that is not the case. House are mere shelter but a home is much more. Also home is where you feel comfortable and welcomed, you and your family. As well as cats and dogs and whatever you welcome your home to. Home is wherever somebody is thinking of you. A house could never become a home never in a million years.

This is a place of forgiveness and prosperity. We’re we will always be loved and supported. No matter how far you run away you can always turn back. This is were memorable moments are shared and kept in a safe spot. These spots are our hearts. This is because home is where the heart is.