Grade 6

New Brunswick


A home is not shelter. A home is neither a property that you can purchase, but a small community of people who will not request to change yourself, but to accept the person you are. Because they believe that you can stay true to yourself and to be your own personality, rather than a substitute that others want to portray you as. A home simply isn’t just your family, but friends who have the visible ability of comforting you, wanting to speak to your real self, rather than a substitute made to fit you in, and who have the kindness to befriend you in first place!

I don’t think “fitting in” is a good phrase. Let’s replace it with “connecting.” Because, your don’t need to fit in when there is already someone out there who would like you for who you are. You simply need to connect with that person.

And let me tell you, there are multiple of those people. These people are puzzle pieces to a puzzle that you are also a piece to. And what I meant by connecting is connecting those puzzle pieces to the puzzle that I call home, and completing it, and home isn’t so hard to complete. Because there’ll always be someone out there willing to help you complete it.