Grade 5

Richmond Hill


Home means more than just where you live, it means where you want to be the most. There are many components of a good home.

A component of a good home is that you are safe. You are not in a turbulent environment. You feel protected when you are in your home. Many homes are protected from hurricanes, tornadoes and more natural disasters. Around you, some people want peaceful homes. There is no violence where you feel like is home. Usually, there is no anxiety. Homes are calm, which means no abuse, no verbal abuse and more types of abuse.

Home could also be where you are loved. You could be loved by a family member or maybe an animal, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or more. When you are with someone you love, you feel better about yourself and have more self – esteem. You feel happier about who you are and that is why it feels like home to you.

In many homes, they will have what you need. This is so you could survive. People need food, water and everything they love. Food and water so you could stay healthy and not scrawny and super skinny. Everything you love so you feel happy about yourself. People think that the grocery store is there home because the store provides them with what they need.

Being happy in your home means that where you are now feels like that is really your home. Being happy is component for a home because that is what make you happy every day. Your home is a comfortable place where you could do nothing and not be bored.

A home is everything to you, and you give everything into your home. Its you. Without you, it’s not called home.