Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador


What is home? Home isn’t always just a house, with four walls, a roof, kitchen, bathroom, living room and a bedroom. Home is the place where you, yourself, should feel safe, where you feel loved, where your family is. What’s the difference between a house and a home? Well, your house could be anything, it may be a beautiful mansion that is four stories high, or it could be a small shack you have been living in for the past three years. Or maybe it could just be a small, two story house that you have made the best of for the past few years. A house is made out of wood, bricks, nails, but it takes love, kindness, the feeling of being safe, and memories to make it a home. To make it Your home.
You should be able to go back home after a long day at work or school and relax, lower the stress levels, and fix the day.
Now, let’s think about some memories you have had in your home, was it cooking with a friend? Or playing with your brother? Look back at some of your favorite memories in your home. Sometimes, the place you feel at home isn’t the house you live in. Who knows, maybe you feel more at home at your grandparent’s home, or your significant other’s home. Wherever you feel comfortable, Wherever it feels Right to be.
Personally, I think your home should be where you can play games, goof around, relax, and be free to be yourself without someone judging you for what you’re doing. What do you think a home should be?