Grade 6



Have you ever thought about not having a home? Did you know 35 000 people are homeless in Canada? These are some reasons why home is important to me. Home is a place where I can spend time with family, be myself, and feel happy.

One thing I enjoy is spending time with family. I love playing video games and board games with my family and we can be very competitive. We go skating in our backyard and spend time together. Another way we spend time together is we cook dinner together. These are some of the reasons I like spending time with family.

The second reason I admire home is that I can be myself. I can feel comfortable dancing in the basement with my brother and sister. I can express myself through baking by giving it to my family. I annoy my siblings by going into their rooms and bugging them. This is why I can be myself.

The third reason is I feel happy at home. One thing that makes me feel happy at home is eating because I get very hungry and I get grumpy when I’m hungry when I eat it makes me happy. Another thing that makes me happy is doing crafts because it is a way for me to become less stressed. My pets make me very happy because they are cute and they love to cuddle. This is why home makes me feel happy.

This is why I love spending time with family, being myself, and feel happy at home.