Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc


A home is for me.
A home is for me and my dreams.
When my mom tucks me in bed I feel it’s my home.
A home is for love.
A home is where I express me
It’s where I feel warm.
Home is where I feel loved.
Home is for me and my family
Home is for good times and bad.
Home is where love lives.
Home is where you feel comfortable.
A home is for when I’m sad and glad.
You don’t need a mansion to make a true home
A home makes a home for family and care.
A home is my safe place.
It’s for laughter and fun.
A home is where my memories have begun.

But let’s just say some people don’t have a home
To keep them warm.
No kid gets tucked in.
Or feels really safe.
No laughter. No fun.
Now are search has to come.
We have to help those with no homes.
So they can feel warm.
Those who are sad or mad can finally be glad!
So we have to help so they can have a home with a family of their own.
An act of kindness can change more and more so they can have a home of their own to feel really warm.
Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belongs and laughter never ends.