Grade 6



Everyone deserves a home.
It doesn’t matter how big your home is,
what matters is that everyone in your family has room.
Some people have two homes
and some have three,
but sadly some people,
don’t have a single home
for their family.
When you are at home,
You don’t always have to be inside
You can be out in the wild and say
“It’s nice to be outside,”
When you are at home
You can have any kind feelings
You can be mad,
You can be sad,
You can be frustrated,
You can have all kinds of feelings.
But don’t use some of the feelings,
That’s going to affect
the people that live with you,
That gives you respect.
Sometimes I think,
For people that live on the streets
I feel so bad for the people,
that don’t have homes.
Home can be in Rome,
Home can be in Spain,
Home can be in Greece,
Home can be in France,
Home can be anywhere
We don’t get to choose,
You get to choose.
You should be thankful for everything you have.
At night, not every night before,
I go to sleep, I thank God that I have a home,
To live in.
By Johanna Phillips.