Grade 6



Home is an important space
Warm blankets welcome me when im cold
Warm meals made by my mother are always there when im hungry
Playing games in the backyard is fun as well
Customizing my room is also fun
When Christmas comes around family and friends gather around the table
When it’s Easter… Easter eggs come and play hide and seek
During summer, Swimming in the pool is relaxing and having water gun fights in the backyard is cooling
Sometimes I get too attached to my home and I never want to leave
Which is difficult when it comes to camping
Camping is away from home…
Home is a cozy, happy place for me, my family, and others.
The pantry has treasure for midnight snacks, but it’s also good for school munching
My mom loves decorating the living room is funky green pants, mostly flowers
My dad loves adding pictures to the wall, like wedding pictures, baby pictures, even the goofy ones
My brother he loves decorating the floor with his stinky clothes… Which isn’t always a pleasant smell.
I love decorating my room with fun structures, Like pigs with glasses…
Pets are a way to make home more lovely, but cleaning is a big responsibility when it comes to pets..which is nasty,
But overall home means home