Grade 6



P.O.V of a soldier on the Western Front in World War One

I have lived through sunshine, clouds, wind and rain,
In great joy and in great pain,
Here on the western front.

Home is where, home is there, home is everywhere.
Here on the battlefield, regardless of the conditions
It is the home of gallant soldiers on a mission.

The mission is to fight, fight for peace,
So that all the guns and bombs can cease.

Although here, there are many brave men –
Who have no reservations, fighting for peace,
We all wish for the same thing: to be home again.

The battlefield might be a home for soldiers in a long, hard fight,
But it will never truly be home alright.
There is no protection, safety or love,
Only the sounds of explosions above.

There is no happiness, family or friends,
Just the scene of lives coming to an end.

Sometimes, I just take the time and wonder,
How tragic it is for those young soldiers who had to be buried under,
How they would never get to see home again,
Their family and friends.

I think about how lucky I am to still be alive,
And cherish the thought of hope.
Hope, that one day I’ll be back,
Back home, where I can finally relax.

And nevertheless of how uncanny this war zone may be,
It is still, in a way home to me,
As I am surrounded by brave men, who share the same dream:
To one day, be home and finally able to beam.