Grade 6



My home is awesome!
There so much to do, to make. So much privacy and relaxation(sometimes! I DO have a brother!), so many books and crafts.
A home is somewhere I miss and I`m happy to go home to! It’s somewhere I want to go and I feel welcome! Why wouldn’t I, there`s my bed, my room and my little spot on the corner of my couch where I always sit, except for when it’s already taken!
I would tell you everything I’m grateful for but I only have 300 words!

Every day I wake in my comfy bed,feel the sun shining on me through the window I get up slowly regretting getting out of bed.
Missing my bed I walk out of my room to the bathroom and brush my teeth, then I get dressed and I go to school like I do every day, when I think about, that could be a fantastic morning to some people But the thing is, it’s just a normal morning for me.
I always have a safe, warm, bright, cozy house to go home to, that’s what everybody needs.