Grade 6



Home, no matter how big or small, simple or luxurious, it will always be our safe harbor. A place the vagabond craves. People without a home will never have a sense of belonging.

I have a warm, happy home.
Home always brings me a sense of security. Whenever I face difficulties outside, my first thought is my home. At my home my mom and dad tell me do not bow to the difficulties. Be brave and face the difficulties whit wisdom to overcome it.
Home can always give me a sense of safety. Whenever I do something wrong, my mom and dad help me to solve it. Whenever I come across unhappy things, my parents are willing to listen. All of this, help me know how to face life and know how to face the challenges and tests of life.
Home always brings me warmth and happiness. I get up every day and see my mom and dad busy making my home nice; Whenever I meet difficulties in my studies, my parents always teach me patiently. Whenever I get sick my parents are always by me side. All of this, makes me feel that my home is full of warmth.
Whenever I lie or don’t keep my word my parents will patiently teach me to be an honest person.
Whenever I am sad, my parents will comfort me.

Home is my shelter from the wind and rain with my growing happy family. I love my home, love every member of my family, love every story of my home.