Grade 6



Home can come in many different forms. It could be anywhere. It could be a roof to live under, it could be a tent or it could even be under the bridge for some people.
To me, home is where my family loves me, my friends that support me, and my pets give me company when there is none. I learned that many things can make a home. I remember my grandma’s fried tofu, my baby cousin that jumps around making everyone say aww.
There are ups and downs in a home. Ever year, we mourn the ones we’ve lost and we celebrate the ones that have come. Home is a place for joy and sadness, for comfort and harmony, for memories to be made. To me, I feel that home is a wonderful thing to have and I am grateful for it. Home is full of surprises and irreplaceable things, a place where your family is, a place where warmth resides within. The story of my home is filled to the brim with secrets and there it will forever be, locked up tight forever only to be passed for generations to come.
I cherish my home every second I can and I hope everyone in my home does too. Home is a safe haven for everyone inside.