Grade 5

British Columbia


I was going to write about something entirely different today, but something changed this week that made me feel different about what a home is. One night as I was sleeping in my warm snug bed. I began to think about how many people don’t have a nice bed to come to after a long day. I felt an emotion that I had not had much experience with. I felt gloomy. I began to think of people who lost their jobs and people who can’t afford to live in a home where you are surrounded by family. When I was thinking to myself I started thinking about what home means to me. Next I was wondering what I thought of home and I came up with, “A place where you are loved.” A place where nobody judges you but loves you for who you are. While thinking, I realized that a lot of homes are broken homes. In addition to broken homes, I thought of the Bryant family. Kobe and Gianna Bryant passed away. Based on what I know, a wife lost a husband and a daughter. Two sisters lost a father and their sister. From the information that I am given the Bryant family has a broken household. It must be lonely, sad and heartbreaking. To me, that is what makes a broken home. This is why Habitat for Humanity is a big deal in my life. It allows others to have that warm feeling. The feeling of gathering around the dinner table laughing and having a valuable conversation with your family. This is what I want all people to hear, so others can have access to a protected place. In conclusion, home is a place where everyone belongs.