Grade 6



There are many emotions felt inside a home, like the first sleepover you had that turned into a pillow war. Home is a place where you can be as free as a bird.
Home is place where you can enjoy and share your traditions with friends and family, and where they can share theirs. Your traditions could be a family meal you only eat at a certain time of the year or it could be as simple as a game of table tennis in your basement.
A home does not actually have to be a house, it can a town house, condominium or apartment too. It’s the people that live in the home and their memories that truly make a home, but of course don’t forget the pets that run from room to room.

There are some people with no home and that is very sad, so when you are driving around eating your snack, give them a bit so they can feel better about that, People without homes deserve a better place to stay then on the streets, like maybe they could live in a homeless shelter or, even better they’re own home

A home is a place of many things such as, traditional foods that produce so much water in your mouth you could fill an ocean, or a good old game of table tennis with friends and family.

Houses are very different then homes but they sound so similar you couldn’t tell the difference but there actually is a very big difference between a house and a home. A house is built with tangible things such as concrete and wood, while a home is made with emotions and memories felt and made by friends and family.