Grade 6



A home is a place where you can be yourself without worrying that people might be talking behind your back.

A home is a place filled with trust.

A place where you’re allowed to express all sorts of emotions and feelings.

It’s a where you will always go to when you’re having a hard time.

A place where you sometimes want to escape from but, you will always find yourself going back to it.

It’s a place where you feel most loved and protected.

A place where everything is just soaked in memories.

Memories and feelings are the things that make a home, that is if you feel happy when you recall those thoughts, feelings or memories.

Memories are important because they help remind you of the people you love the most and the reason why you cherish and love them so much.

You might think that a house is more important because you need a place to live in and other things like food but what about a home?

The big difference between a house and a home is that a house is just an object that you live in, but a home creates a feeling that you feel when you’re inside your home.

No matter where you’re from you still belong somewhere and if you don’t know where that somewhere is, then start by looking into your heart.