Grade 4

Red Deer


Where I wake up, where I sleep, the place that everyone has to meet, the answer is clear, the place where we keep souvenirs, we aren’t ever alone, and the answer is home.

Home is the place that I love, the place where I look above. Home is that place where cardboard crafts are made, in there, love never fades, fridges are full of food, everyone is in a good mood.

That cheerful place where ideas are born, the place where shoes are worn, the place where we start our journeys, it’s all from home, the place where I work, the place where I eat soup with a fork, not even a spork.

It’s a place where I will always want to be, the times where I would plead, not for ice cream, but for something better, it covers me in a storm, the place where I love, home.

I’ll leave, but never forever, I’ll come when I’m gone and remember when that I was here, the place where I had no fear, I loved this place and I will always remember it.