Grade 5

Morden, MB


In your home you will have a cozy bed,
You will probably have a roof over your head.
In my home that’s not what I need,
All I need is one specific bead

That bead to my life is friends and family,
I’m living here with lots of gravity,
To keep me here in my loving home,
It’s hard to think some have to roam.

Some don’t have enough money for a home or food,
It can even be a women or a dude
Some have children who cry all night,
Only because they don’t have a light.

This makes me cry every day,
I wish they had somewhere to lay,
Besides some old clothes they found in the trash,
Because it might give them a terrible rash.

So that’s why I wrote this special piece,
So that others would finally have peace.
So please donate to people who are poor,
So they will be happy forevermore.