Grade 6

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia


Home is a place where you can be comfortable with your feelings, A place where you are loved and with the people you love. Home is where you can relax and have fun, Where you can share memories with family and get along. When you have bad,sad or rough days home is the place you can come to relax and let it all go. Home is where you laugh with family and friends, you can feel safe and be yourself. When you’re sick or not having the best days home is a place where you can get better and be taken care of. Home is a place to learn to bake, learn about the family’s history and be grateful for what you get. It’s a place to be warm, celebrate holidays and feel good inside. Home is not just a place to live, it’s also a place to share memories and have fun with your families. A home is a place you can be comfortable in your bed. Home is a place to keep you safe.