Grade 5



It’s where I sleep, it’s where I eat, home, a place I’ll always keep.
It’s big, it’s warm, with a tall, wide door, some comfy couches, a T.V., and much, much more.
I can read a book or play a game, my house is not the least bit lame.
So let’s give this poem a happy ending. OH, WAIT! I think this roof needs some mending.
In the dining room, there is a really big table, the only thing wrong is that it’s not very stable.
We do have an extra, it is quite small, but if we grab some more chairs, it could fit us all.
Upstairs I have a little room, which I hope will be clean soon.
At night, as I lie in my bed, I thank the Lord for my daily bread. I thank the Lord for all my things, and all the joy that my home and family brings.
Home is where I am free to be me, yes, home means everything to me!