Grade 5



Meaning of home

At home you are safe, and cozy all snuggled up in bed after a long hard day. Home is warm and fresh with bread or buns in the oven. Home feels like a big warm cup of hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. Home is full of laughter but still some conflict. Home is what is in the inside with safe and joyful lives. It is clean and unique with pictures of verses on the walls. Home is a place with love and tears. At home you can be yourself and live comfortable. Home is special and joyful, and you can live your dream and face your fears. You can go outside and play sports on your farm. Home is where you can practically eat as much as you want. You have clean, fresh water in your cup as you drink. You can sleep for as long as you want if it is summer break. Home is where you can stay in your room and just have some alone time laying on your cozy bed. At home you can invite friends over for playdates and do what you feel. At home you can just sit on your couch and play a bunch of video games or watch Hockey. You can color things and make it neat and awesome. At home you can go outside and feed the animals or run around. When you are home you can look out the window and see kids playing outside like they are free for life. In a home you can play pool or other things. In the morning you can hear the birds singing like your alarm. It has a piano that plays such beautiful songs. My home is awesome because I have 4 cats and one awesome dog. It smells like fresh pointsettias blooming all over again. My home is an awesome place! It is fantastic!