Grade 6



Home a wonderful word every creature should know and have, but what does it mean? To every person it has a different meaning. To me home is a safe place with my family who loves me it’s a shelter from bad weather. A break away from the outside world to somewhere that is special to me. A place to recharge after a tough day where I can be alone if I need. My home is a place of amazing things. A home holds memories, and although it’s just bricks, and cement, it has special people and animals, it can hold special items.There are so many great memories, associated with my home like this one for example. So in my house we have something my sister named trunky it is a tiny suitcase that she would drag around when she was about 4. She once brought it to the airport where it wildly trailed behind her smashing into at least 50 people. Another memory was when my grandfather lived with us. It was a sign my mom made as a joke it said Tinker Town. Still after he passed away the sign reminds us of him. Everyone needs a home. There are so many reasons everyone needs a home. When I even imagine what it would be like without a home tears form in my eyes. So I hope when I write this it helps someone have a home to hold memories, a safe place and whatever else they need it for. I love my home.