Grade 5

Prince Edward Island


Home is not a house
It’s a place filled with love
Home is filled with peace
Like a white morning dove

Home brings lots of memories
Home is a place to be happy
With everyone in your family
It makes you really sappy

Home gives you a spark of joy
Like when you get a toy
Home is a place that’s welcoming
Like the thought that springs coming

At home sometimes there is a fight
Though usually silent in the night
At home you will not be afraid
Home is where love is made

Home is a place where you can play
You can play games day by day
Home is a place that you are fed
Home is a place you’re tucked in bed

Home is not where you live
Home is where you share and give
Home is where you are together
Home is like a blowing feather

Home is very helping
When you are alone
If you find your loved ones
You will find your home

Home is a place for fun
Home is filled with heart
Home is a place for everyone
Home will never depart

If you can not find home
Look where you are not alone
Home is a place you can freely roam
This is the end of my poem Home