Grade 6




This is my base, my favourite place.
Home is the beginning and end to my day.
At my house I have a family that always supports me
no matter what. Home is a place where disappointment
turns into love. A place where no one will push or shove.

Home is where you feel safe and where no one
can call you their slave. There is no place like your home.
It makes you feel warm. Home is a place you can call your own.
Everyone deserves a home to live in. Every person should have a
place they can go to when things don’t feel right.

A place where you know people care about you,and everyone trusts
each other. A place where you feel delighted.
I am thankful to have a home to live in with my family and I want
everyone to be thankful for a home. My home is a space where I
like to put a smile on others face. A home is where I live with my
family. A home is where I don’t have to care about anything.

Everyone has the right to sleep in a safe place at night.
To make this possible, all you have to do is write.