Grade 6



Home a place where most people live. You may think everyone has a home. Most people describe “home” like its not special but, it is special because some people don’t have homes. So me and you are lucky because we have homes and others have to live on the streets or under bridges. Its sad.

While I was walking on the street after eating lunch at Jack Astor’s I saw a man on the street. He was sleeping in a sleeping bag and there was a rusty bike beside him and a sign that said “I need money for food and dealing with cancer” I felt bad and wanted to give money. Its sad that all people should have a home. I thought of my friend who has cancer. He almost has gotten rid of it but he has a home and proper care. I hope gets rid of it soon. I hope the man on the street gets rid of his cancer too.

It is nice that we all have homes but some aren’t as fortunate. We all have reasons to call our home, home. I call my house a home because it has my belongings and all my stuff including my cat. When I go to a friend’s house to sleep it’s not the same as sleeping in your own bed. You