Grade 5



since the start of time,
humans have had a home.
From empty caves,
to high tech domes.
It’s a magical place
for every race.
A place to reflect on one’s actions,
And it’s a great place for family interactions.
Where memories are made,
a home can be any shade.
Those on the streets,
would climb a mountain for good eats.
A home can be a pile of ashes,
It could even give you rashes.
But as long as you love your home,
it doesn’t have to be a billion dollar mansion in Rome.
Help those in need of shelter
those in need of food
please donate to the homeless,
and while at it,
don’t be rude.
I am very lucky to have a sustainable home
and I donate, maybe money or something sweet,
like honeycomb.
Homelessness is bad, and very very sad.