Grade 6




Home for me is not being alone,
Home for me is where people belong,
Playing along with friends and family,
A beautiful garden full of lilies,
Sleeping with no worries,
Safe from danger,
Seeing no strangers,
Home for me is staying warm
When there’s a storm,
Being loved,
Being comfortable,
Coming to such a space
With a big happy face,
Home for me is like a whole different world
Cooking and baking with your family,
Playing with your siblings,
When I go out im sure my
house misses me,
The warm big hugs the couch gives me,
The sweet smell of fresh food takes my attention,
I love my home because there I get no detention,
Turning up the heat,
warm and cozy,
My home is the best for me,
It’s very sweet,
And I’m sure it loves me,