Grade 6



Home does not have to be rich, but it must be warm!
Home is the call of everyone to the heart, the family is all –inclusive, there is no need to cover up and disguise at home, it can truly reveal everything about yourself, completely relax yourself……The family must taste the sweetness and bitterness of the world together, know forever, the home and everything, with the warm home, there will be a gentle place.
Home is a nest. Everything in the house is a story, a book, a letter, a photo in a frame, can lead to a story that belongs to you. When you are alone, the home is the big dipper in the night, always okay in the desert. The home is the shore that sails to the other side, the harbor that leads to the afterlife, tens of thousands of people have thousands of arguments. Some say that the family is a culture; some say that the home is a feeling…when you have a home, it is as ordinary as vinegar oil and vinegar tea; when you lose it, you can’t find it!
I suddenly realize the family is someone at home who cares for me, I seem to be at home all the time. The home is a water bottle that condenses love. It is a sheltered harbor and a cradle for nurturing people.
This is the home. People think about it unconsciously! I love my home, because of the things in our family, they all have stories like people! I love all the things in our family that have stories!