Grade 6



What Home Means To Me

To me, home means a special place

Where dreams and hopes come true

A place where everyone is equal

Where I experience relationship and respect

A place where there is hard work

A place where my story started.

Home is that is filled with emotions and filled with laughter and tears

A place where the love is calling me from my heart

Where I feel confident

Home is where I can touch and feel

Where I will feel warm and cozy when it’s stormy or raining outside

A place where there is freedom and peace.

Home is where I learned how to speak from mom and dad

A place where I learned my mistakes

Where my mom and dad thought me how to walk and run

Home is my mom and dad celebrate my birthday and where I am growing

A place filled with memories

feel safe and relaxed

Home is where I started getting friends

A place where we can survive, drink and eat

Where I share my problems and fears.

A place where I stay clean

Home is where I will not forget where God blessed me with everything.