Grade 6



Home, to me is irreplaceable

Not a structure that can be rebuilt

Home is a feeling

That can never break

Never shatter

As long as there is family and delight

Home, to me is a place where joy lives

And sadness dies

A place of happiness and laughter

Home is a place where love is threaded in

With the strings of infinity

Home, to me is a safeguard

Of my passions, dreams and hopes

Home is a refuge from icy winters

A hideout from my fears

A sanctuary, a shield

Home is a place of security and comfort

Home, to me is a place where memories are kept

And new ones are made

A place where the calm waters of home

Brings a relaxing evening

Filled with peace and awesome friends

And washes away all my worries

Home, to me is the sweet smell

Of my mom’s delicious banana bread

Home is my dad’s endless care

And unlimited patience

Home is having water fights with my siblings

In the heat of summer

Home is my adorable hamster

Always making me smile

Home, to me is where I am

Loved and appreciated

Where I can truly be myself

And where I truly belong

Without my home I’d be forever lost

Lost without hope

Lost without joy

Lost alone

Home, to me is a special feeling

A feeling that I need