Grade 6



To me home means something that I look forward to and it makes me feel safe, loved, and sometimes as if I am the center of the universe. Home is something that is irreplaceable even if we move to a different house, I will still be home nothing will be different. My home is like another parent, it gives me a place to live and it protects me.
Most people think home is just an object, but to me home is something much more than that. Home is not an object, it is something special. No matter where you go, home stays the same your house will change if you move but home is the same to me.
Home is something you need if you think about other people without a home, we are very lucky to have a home to live in and stay warm. It is an opportunity that we have, to have a place to stay and feel safe.
You should have feelings towards your home, not as if it is an object you should think of it as a safe place to be. You should appreciate your home and use it as an opportunity. You don’t buy it with money, you always have it with you because your family is your home, love itself is your home. Home is a feeling, an emotion and something you cannot touch.
Nothing is more important than home. I appreciate it, and  you should too. Home is irreplaceable you should love it while it lasts.