Grade 6




Home is a place that doesn’t come with a price,
It doesn’t have a place on a map,
But instead a place in your heart and memories.
Home is a safe place where happiness is always spread around,
A place you can express as freely as you wish.
Where love is given and received,
And where everyone belongs.

Home is someone you can talk to without any worries,
Someone that stays by your side through thick and thin,
Helps you and celebrates your success and achievements.
Home is someone caring, funny and accepting,
Someone you can trust with everything,
And be yourself around.

Home is being happy, joyful and hopeful.
Sometimes home means letting all your tears fall,
To give in or give out,
To let go of all your problems,
But home is also being thankful and grateful.

Home is cuddling up with a book on a cold day,
Sipping tea on a rainy afternoon,
Or lying down on the warm summer grass.
It’s the welcoming sun shining,
And a cool breeze gently rustling the fall leaves,
It’s the soft swoosh of a bird flying overhead.
Home is the smell of dinner being made,
The feeling of cool water on a hot summer day,
It’s the calm, quiet, night during the cold winters.

Home might not be a house with a roof to keep you dry under,
Or walls to keep you warm within,
But instead a feeling worth more,
A place where you belong, love,
And where memories are made and remembered.
This is “Home”.