Grade 4



Home is a place I rest my head.
I rest my head in my comfy bed.
I like to sleep,
without hearing a peep.

Home is a place to keep my cool.
Which helps me do my best in school.
Home is where without reservation, I can sing,
and enjoy doing all different kinds of things.

Home is where I get to relax,
Or I can take it up to the max!
Home is a place to take things back,
Like mistakes that got me out of wack.

When I am sad,
My dad is not mad.
We get to talk,
And sometimes take a walk.

Home is where I game,
And get lots of fame!
Sometimes I loose,
And sometimes I snooze.

My home means a lot to me,
Where I really like to be.
My family is fun.
They are my number one!