Grade 6

New Brunswick


To me home is a place to think of when
Your sad or scared.
A place where you can relief the stress you have built up
throughout the day and be with family.
I am from night walks on the beach.
From tomato soup and vanilla
Scented soap. I am from
The rock garden and the stream that we spent hours
Swimming in. From Timothy Hay, Bird seed and homemade
Out door rinks. I am from purple lupins, that
We picked for mom when we seen them.
From opening one gift on Christmas eve.
Long family trips to get away.
From, Horncastle’s, Phillips and Chase.
I am from your nose gets longer when you lie
And, you have fifteen million things to do.
From dad’s home made dippy dog’s and camping on the
I’m from, leaving the cat door open when getting ice
Cream and my brother never draining the tub.
From, fitbit challenges with my mom, that I always win!
From Nana’s potato salad and dad’s banana bread
That he usually ends up burning.
From the sugary gum drops in the red jar.
The trying to grow plants but cant keep them alive,
The pictures on the beach in Florida taken at sunset.
Home to me is a place that will never be forgotten.
A house is made of board’s and beams, a home is made of
hopes and dreams. For the people who live in a box
Or at the bus stop, I promise you’ll get there one day, to know
that family is there to help you in every way!