Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home is where I open my eyes.

To a two-story house in the country,

With a green door and black shudders.

A big fluffy black dog with white dots on her tummy.

A nice warm living room with a very old couch and old floral curtains that are beige from the sun.

A fuzzy old carpet where treasures might find.

A warm cozy fire to lay in front.

The smell of the BBQ wafts in the house of big juicy ribs to be eaten tonight.

Up the stars made of the same carpet as the living room.

I walk on the hard wood floor and see the old pictures on the wall.

To my door, to a world of paradise and freedom.

My eyes are drawn to my window with an old wood frame.

When you look outside it’s green or orange,red,yellow or white depends on what season it is.

The birdfeeder full of seeds for the birds to eat.

You can get a glimpse of the pine tree at the end of the driveway

I look to my bed so soft so lush and oh so comfy.

Home is where I close my eyes and wait for the next day!