Grade 5



Home makes me feel like I’m safe. When I’m at home with my family I feel like nothing is going to happen to me. They would take good care of me when I’m in my house and they also take me places. The best place I ever went was Cypress hills when we went there, we went to the pool and we also went fishing but it was fun every night we would go outside and have campfires every night with my auntie and uncle and cousins and we would also roost smores on the fire we also like to play fun games when are family members are over when its birthdays we sit and talk we also like to make people laugh we also like to sit down and watch movie together when I really close to my mom and dad I feel like I’m one of them.

Some activities that are special to are family are going to the parks in the summertime and go sledding in the winter with are grandma I also like to play super smash bores on the Nintendo switch with my sister it makes me laugh when I always beet her because she gets so angry also are family likes to play beanbag toss but my uncle and my dad thinks it’s a competition but I think it’s a fun game to play my cousins and I like to jump on my trampoline we play fun games we also like to play board games my favorite is connect four and 3d snakes and ladders I also like playing outside with my sister I also like playing on my trampoline on my trampoline I do front had springs and I also like to do double jumps I go so high in the sky I feel like I’m flying .

Things that are special in my family are my baby stuff my special thing is my family I do not want to live without them because I feel happy to be with them because there special to me the other thing that is special to me is my pets, I can’t live without them because I can’t live my cat bow all the people that are in my family are all special to me even though that everyone in my house is special in my family the other thing that is special to us is all of us together when something isn’t right when someone has a up sept tummy my family is there for us if you have a bad chough there here for you.

My mom makes it home to me because she makes it feel like home, it also makes me feel cozy inside also my dad makes feel like home because when I cuddle with him, I feel like I’m in my bed sleeping but I also feel like I’m by the and relaxing on my chair I also feel like I’m watching a movie with my dad but when I wake up, I’m still in his room sleeping with him then I know it was all a dream I thought I did all that stuff so then I ask dad and he said no then that’s when I realized that it was all a dream.

It’s important having a home a home because if you didn’t have a home you would have to live in a cabin for a couple days but when someone moves to a new house you can move into that house then you will finally have a home to live in and protected and then you must move because someone wants to buy your but that important of having a home I home is where you find love in your home.