Grade 6



Home is where I feel safe. It is where no matter what I smell, hear, touch, taste or see I will never forget about. Home is different for everyone just like their heart.

Home is something that you make with love instead of construction materials. Home is something that everyone has whether it is big or small, luxurious or squalid. Home can be anywhere.

Home is where eleven years of memories were created and are still being created. Good and bad but still memories. It is where you learn, share and remember memories.

Quality homes are something that lots of people don’t have! Good people but people that have lost a home or don’t have one at all. For the people that had quality homes. I can’t imagine how much pain it is to let go of their home. All the memories lost.

When people die what do they leave behind? Sure, they leave behind their family and their possessions. But what else do they leave? HOME! Home is a part of your family. It is part of you!

Home is the thing that we take shelter in. It is where we take shelter from Mother Nature’s blasts of cold wind mixed with snow rain or sleet. It is where our basic needs are met and where presents are opened.

Home is where you beg your parents for the newest video game but when you see people that don’t have a proper home you realize that you might be in that situation like that in the future. Then you realize that you can survive without video games.

Home is family. A family is strung together with love. All three of these things are related to home. I hope this love created by this essay builds a quality home.