Grade 6



Some thing that I love
some thing that I cherish
some thing that is beautiful
some thing that is lovable

a please where you can love
a please whee you care
a please where you spend time with family
a please where you have fun

home where people care
home a please where you have pets
home a please to share
home a please where you can cry

houses come in all sizes
houses come in all shapes
houses make for memories
houses are for laughs

I love my home
I love my family
I love my dog
I love every home

home is where the hart is
home is where moms are
home is where dads are
home is where my family is

we all talk about homes
but we don’t realize
the unfortunate don’t have homes
so we need to give a home
give for once in your lives
give to the unfortunate
give to anyone
just give