Grade 6



My home is not like others homes. Not every home is upsetting like mine. For example when you hear your parents yelling so many horrible things that you have to bring your siblings downstairs so they won’t get upset like me. Also how your parents yell at you because you did something wrong. Well welcome to my home.

Every night there I wake up at 4 am, calling my mom and begging her to come and get me because I’m scared. I walk around the house starting at 4 am and goes on for a few hours because I can’t sleep.

My home should not be called a home. A home should be somewhere that you feel safe or trust. A home that has two nice parents that are not mean when you do something wrong. A home is a place that you’re not scared of.

There are many definitions of home for example a community, your family. A home can be yourself if you don’t have anywhere to call a home.