Grade 5




My home makes me feel safe. I have locks on my doors and a roof over my head to protect us. I am happy in my home because I have fun at home. I feel loved by my family and pets. I feel cared about. When my family does things with me.

My family really loves hockey. We spend a lot of time at the rink. We play mini sticks in our basement. I like when my mom and dad play mini sticks with me and my brother. I like it when we play catch on the front lawn in the summer. It is fun. We go to our cabin at Kenosee, we golf, boat and fish. We also play in our fort in the trees. I like that my mom and dad do all these things with me.

My TV and play station are special to me because I like playing games with my friends. It makes me happy. I like my bed so I can stay warm and sleep good at night. My speaker is special to me because I like to listen to music.

My mom, dad and brother make it home because they are with me all the time. My mom helps me with homework when I need help. My dad takes me to hockey, he is my coach. Me and my brother play mini sticks and video games, but we sometimes fight too. My dog is fun to take for walks, and we run around the house in circles. My cat is my best friend. She follows me everywhere she even lays in the sinks when I am trying to brush my teeth. I like having my family and my pets in my house because it would be boring without them.

Having a home is important to me because I would not want to be living on the streets. It would be scary. My home makes me feel safe and comfortable. I am lucky to have a home and food to eat. It is fun to have a home.